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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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from around the globe. a star studded team russia cruised to a solid win over slovenia in their first ice hockey match at the winter olympics but bitter disappointment too is a recurring injury forces skating star you go to withdraw from competition. some media outlets here have tried so hard to make the olympics in russia smell like cold war old symbols and thirty year old rhetoric a look at why some media in the media are on a crusade against the winter games. also leave the u.k. leave sterling london says it won't share currency with scotland if it says yes to independence. and a radical movement in greece declares war on the german capitalist machine blaming berlin for their country's surge in poverty and unemployment.
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at nine pm in moscow i'm going to have you with us sochi games in their sixth day now r t is there bring you all the triumph defeat and drama of the twenty second winter olympics. the red machine russia's national hockey team off to a powerful start in the winter games defeating slovenia five to two but the fanfare was quickly tempered during the men's figure skating solo when superstar you have any pollution go and now it's his last minute withdrawal because of an injury live now dorothy's paula scott who's been following all of the day's events so hopes dashed for russia's men's individual figure skating medal. yes there's an air of
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disappointment in and around sochi right now off to give. one of the poster boys of sochi twenty fourteen was forced to pull out of the figure skating individual men's men's event through injury. in the warm up aggravating and ongoing back problem now it was a huge disappointment to him on the fans inside the iceberg skating palace he was looking to become the most decorated figure skater in winter olympics history that whites will have to go on of course up until now the figure skating is an event that russia has so far dominated with two golds on a silver to their name however there was one medal for russian fans to celebrate. day with. securing the bronze in the biathlon twenty k. pursuit of course the sport that combines cross-country skiing and shooting. and paul as for hockey you were in the stands you saw the game what was it like there. yes well russia run out five two winners in the bolshoi which you can probably make
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out in the distance behind me but despite the school line it was. the school would suggest they were made to work. who were competing in the winter olympics in the ice hockey competition for the very first time since independence and many people thought that russia would simply sweep them aside russia did storm into a two no lead in the first five minutes and it looked as if it was going to plan however it was three two there was resilience by slovenia three two going into the final third and there were real nerves and real tension in the air but in the end in the final twenty minutes russia's quality show and they secured victory not just to give you an idea of how much pressure this russian team is under right now because of course the home crowd are expecting a gold medal we made our way from the bolshoi through the olympic park during the final twenty minutes and it was amazing how quiet the olympic park had become and how quiet it was in comparison with how it being two hours earlier because everyone was around the screen. because when the russian ice hockey team plays it is
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something that brings the country together coding to. do excuse me there is a lot of pressure on this russians. there were is factors that matter we are at home it's a big responsibility players are experiencing great pressure on top of that. for a long time every player would be to win a gold medal. that was hard to tell who's going to become the i think it's going to be one of the most exciting of recent times. well russia's next match is against the united states of america an intriguing game in the usa. they defeated slovakia seven one. are all waiting for that one thank you very much are these ball scott live for us in sochi and well team russia's first hockey match of the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics drew
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a lot of attention it wasn't the only thing worth seeing in the coastal cluster. spoke with spoke about this with our own and he said no way. we got behind the olympic flame you can see but it's not just the flame that's on fire the whole olympic park is on fire it's like being in the carnival in rio it was just incredible even i was surprised the volunteers doing limbo underneath the flags they were all screaming shouting saying everybody all the volunteers speak english we've got back in the stands we've got russian dancing we've got stages with. it all singing traditional russian songs of course this is from various countries around the world you know cherishing and loving listening to traditional worship music and dancing and it's all brightly colored brilliant and so if you can if you don't have tickets to a specific event but you go into the park there's plenty to do. but you need tickets for an event you can go into the park just as a spectator and so what are some of the things that you've seen here well like i
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said you got bounced around with traditional singing is it's not just traditional songs i've you've got you've got d.j.'s the mountains last night. with us that quite like the d.j. was a big part of the right ceremony as well is this modern and of course you got to realize that snowboarding which is a relatively new it's been there for the last two or fifteen sixteen year olds winning golds up there but right now that you've got to realize that it's the olympics for the new generations and with that so you've really got to cater for the you know the musical side of it so you do have like d.j. is playing a little deejays in from all around the world and i agree i think it's phenomenal let's talk a little bit more about the serious side of the olympics security it's a big thing has russia managed to have it be secure but not has been anybody said the security has been faultless but what about the people at the spectators are there waiting in lines then they need. every single train you go through every single cable car every single event you have to go through security it's just like going through ports of j.f.k.
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or heathrow but it's quicker there's no queues i think i waited more than thirty seconds of each one and they've read a case of the for the fact that you've got you've got lots of people here. crowd control is and every single person i've spoken to from america u.k. germany whatever has said that the security issues are hand out to ten three people feel safe here and the main thing is that even though it's obviously apparent it's very relaxed so in that port side people around the world get what you specially it's off the top of my head you feel uncomfortable you feel violated almost but really here in sochi they're doing a superb job. the atmosphere and so she has been gradually thawing the hearts of some doubters still there are those who prefer to only notice the downside and ignore the high points are he's got he takes a look. you know some media outlets here have tried so hard to make the olympics in russia smell like cold war in their coverage some didn't even bother to come up with new tools new graphics same old bear this cover is from one thousand nine
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hundred eighty when the us boycotted the summer games in the soviet union of course there were calls to boycott the sochi olympics as well similar images as the handcuffs and all barbed wire not new as you can see. craig who wrote several books about news coverage in america is here with me to chat about all this sea of negativity thank you so much for coming pleasure it's great you know russia has come a long way since one thousand eight hundred and some very different country now but it seems some of these outlets their readers want their audience to seek russia as if it's still nine hundred eighty. well these are very familiar themes both to the public but also to the owners and many of the old time reporters so people fall into a comfortable pattern that actually extends back many decades and is quite apparent if you look for it as you've. it's quite clear that people took the old
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magazine covers and said let's just updated for this olympics stereotypes are strong. exactly and you know they call it the news industry but in many ways people like the old industry but the old. but call it news but sometimes you know in the middle of this sea of negativity you sometimes see reports like the one i saw in the new republic the officer went to a popular gay bar in sochi and writes about how desperate for. trying to find traces of gay persecution there and they can't those they talk to. say no one is bothering them except germany's part of the issue is when people self sensor or they believe they know what the story is before they go to the scene
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and what you're describing sounds like a classic case that happens all over the place where reporters think they know what the story is and all are trying to do is find someone to attach a name and a face to the story that's almost written in the reporter or editors have. to create thank you thank you you know even russians who are critical of the government found this old school smear campaign upsetting but for most it's like in the old russian saying that dogs bark but the caravan moves on to let them bark enjoy the game so i'm going to check on in washington our team. is spite some media reports social network trends suggest negativity toward sochi is dying down earlier my colleague marina kosar talked about this with r.t. news editor and social media commentator ivor crotty. this is an image from trends map of the conversation that's taking place around sochi twenty fourteen in the to
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give you an idea of the hot spots are obviously in the states in northwestern europe it's really nice to see that there's a hot spot over such itself right now which means people people are taking part of the conversation if we can bring up the sochi problems. got involved where people are talking about sochi problems here we go now you can see that there's basically less there's less talk going on around social problems than there is around sochi twenty fourteen now again the hot spot areas are classically the united kingdom and north america canada and the united states almost exclusively now we've run a few numbers and we've wrote a few samples for you which we can take a look at here. we run a set through trends map of ten million tweets now if we can hold out for one second i just want to give you a quick idea what this is this is around the converse conversation this is around the opening of the olympics so there's a peak around there and then the conversation dies down and now we can run through some graphics and give you an idea of how the percentage of tweets that are taking
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place or the percentage of what people are saying about sochi. is more about the games than it is about social problems here's the cities where are most intense to be tweeting about sochi delighted to see moscow and st petersburg up there with the with the global twitter big shots and if you want to take a look at the hashtags that sochi twenty fourteen is figuring about twenty four percent of the conversation you add another ten percent on the site you live is about thirty five percent a straight up olympics so you problems globally trying to get about three percent of conversations on tsotsi there but that's not to say that if someone's using the sochi problems tweet that it's all about controversy that's taking place and so if you are if there's if trying to be critical of the games themselves let's take a look at what people are tweeting here i think with all empathize with this we can look at some of the problems that are that are actually happening on other media this is a metal table where a.b.c. unfortunately mixed up the u.s. canada in the netherlands the dutch flags in their medals table you can understand
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it's you know it's a high pressure it's sports news right now is going to be over for a side pressures and we can move it on the guys thanks very much. the baseball is of course a problem i'm really not quite sure how it's a social problem but it was such a totally random from the intent to even use room to a guy with a desk and some screws. that's the problem screws loose just now this is probably the most interesting one an austrian journalist working out of yanna posts a picture of a building in a pretty poor state of disrepair and he says things aren't as they should be in the media center we can roll up there and have a look and he's easy to be contacted by c.n.n. who say they want to permanently use the photo in all of their platforms and affiliates. the problem is that the photograph was taken in vienna not so much we will continue our special coverage of the games or bring you all the latest from the olympic capital in the next hour. twenty four to promise that is the ultimate exhilarating feeling to.
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make heaven and the rest of our lives take these things for sochi twenty four take . on. now to some of the day's other news the upcoming independence referendum will be a very high stakes gamble for scotland is london has announced that a yes to sovereignty would automatically mean a no to a shared currency george osborne chancellor of the exchequer says edinburgh would have to leave the pound if it leaves the u.k. archy's laura smith has more. what chancellor george osborne is saying is if scotland walks away from the u.k. it also walks away from the pound he's very clear about that he said that there are four things that are necessary to have a currency really and so for scotland to shed the pounds and then proceeded to demolish the possibility of those conditions being met the first thing he talked about was a banking union scotland of course has a huge financial sector it's worth about twelve times its g.d.p. alone there's no way that scotland would be able to bailout its own bags you've
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only got to look at the huge world bank of scotland for that the u.k. has only just managed to extricate itself from an obligation to bail out european banks so one earth would push itself back into an obligation to bail out scottish banks fiscal cooperation then osborne talked about a shared agreement on taxation and spending would necessitate the rest of the u.k. and scotland seedings over and t. in terms of how much it taxed its citizens of what it spent that money on why should the u.k. do that he says why should it have to consult with a foreign country on taxation then he talked about a money tree union also would be necessary to have a shared currency and an agreed exchange rate policy and as part of the u.k. he said scotland is insulated from any kind of fall in oil prices but if it went on its own a fall in zero prices would lead to big job losses in scotland it was have to then
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respond by cutting spending and raising taxes which would result in pressure for scotland to give up the pound and then the fourth thing that he talked about was the permanence of the currency union it must be permanent he said in order to encourage confidence from the markets but this goes this national party has already said that it's not committed to a permanent currency union it said that in its white paper in november that if it did share the pound that would be a temporary arrangement which would be very damaging for the pound is huge political. pressure now which amounts according particularly to the s.n.p. to bully and basically this is the stick part of a carrot and stick tactic david cameron spoke last week of essentially begging the scots to stay don't go he said we really need you now we have george osborne this week saying hey you know this is how bad things would be if you do this is sort of two sides the same coin because it may play into the hands of the yes campaign you
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know yes there it is in scotland will resent being bullied by westminster in this way so that that may shift things dramatically towards a yes vote. with us here on our team or coming up after a short break. any sort of counter-revolution preserving maybe even a charcoal gender all of the islamic religion is one very powerful force awards maintaining traditional marriages and. just as they become more western liberalism. becomes powerful and we have to sort of. civilisations currently on
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a collision course. thanks for staying with us eighteen minutes past the hour writing may be on the wall for germany and greece has a radical group there has published a madness manifesto pinning all of increases economic worries on berlin the anticapitalist movement claimed responsibility for firing shots at the german
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ambassador's residence in december threatening more attacks or an ocean that has more from athens. police and security forces are on high alert here in the greek capital with riot police patrolling the streets in groups of five or six officers and that's after the evidence was discovered of the dangerous activity over medicare extremist group known here in greece as the popular fighters group on tuesday they claimed responsibility for a december attack on german ambassador is residence here in the great capital when a group of unknown gotten men fired at least fifty bullets at the building. is that happening and another attack this time of the tap and in january. they had school tours of reset us back in the outskirts of athens as well the group sent a twenty page manifesto to
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a weekly leftwing satirical magazine titled the mouse in greek explain that that was their reaction their response to greece's protracted financial crisis for which they believe germany is to blame and declared it's part of a campaign against the german capitalist machine calling on all greeks to join their fight so why germany been blamed the country is the launches dollar for greece's bailouts the country has been relying on since two thousand and ten and we each have forced greece to introduce harsh austerity measures that eventually increased dramatically unemployment here in the country risa high that many greece could get behind this and his group calling on the residents of this country to join their fight has been covering financial crisis since the beginning and we heard many tragic stories and even this time we were able to speak to some
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residents of athens and i can say that todd notice and despair are among the most common feelings here in the city and people say they're tired they no longer have power to even take to the streets to protest and moreover they no longer believe that could change anything that's how. the situation but to restrain very high of provocations and this is why i will apparently see some extra security measures here in the city and another rig c.t.'s for some time russia looking to distribute vast amounts of energy to china. that's after the two countries agree on a twenty four billion dollar plan to build the world's largest thermal power plant is on r.t. dot com. and the u.s. set to lift its debt ceiling once again that'll be able to borrow more than seventeen trillion dollars all the details of that on our website as well.
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digital currency bit coin has lost some of its glitter lately at least three of its main exchanges have been brought to a halt by a massive and sustained online attacks. found out in berlin users of the currency are digging in for the long haul. they've come to speak chiming the land to promote their vision of an alternative financial system and investors businessmen and curious citizens all gathered here in berlin for our conference on what they call a bit point of revolution it's the first digital currency that's not owned or operated by any sort of bank it's guaranteed payment without a middleman you can buy it with the real currency and online exchanges and that's an extract of option for those who think that space financial system is in fact need of an overhaul as people see how big coin is used on line and they see the advantages the instant transfer of funds the security not having to see your
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personal data to make these transactions i think a lot of people see these advantages they tell their friends they tell their coworkers they want and they tell the merchants that they do business with and they expand the sphere of decline and that's a view that seems to be growing more popular nowhere is that more evident than right here in berlin in fact this neighborhood boast the highest concentration of businesses assumption the currency in the world is growing list of bitcoin establishment includes a record shop appliance store a boutique and this bar. and here getting your hands on some bitcoins while the digitally speaking is easier than ever instead of buying them from an online exchange you can use this big coin a.t.m. to trade your uro's into bitcoins and use that to buy your happy hour drink and i have four of course bitcoin isn't without risk and the past few weeks haven't been too kind to the cryptocurrency apple remove the last native bitcoin wallet
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application from its app store and the currency saw its third mega crash in the past few months when the largest bitcoin exchange stopped customer withdrawals because of a glitch in the software of course that led the currency to lose value by a stunning twenty percent just for a day but it's a sign that bitcoin may have a long way to go. before it's safe that's reporting in berlin for r t m d c. turning now to some other stories making global headlines in venezuela a pro-government protester into student activists one of whom you can see here were killed following massive protests in the capital caracas unidentified men on motorcycles reportedly carried out the attacks eighty people also arrested as thousands marched through the city calling for the government to resign over high levels of crime and corruption. two bombs have gone off in the same time at a marketplace in the iraqi capital baghdad killing five the attacks also wounded more than a dozen this is fierce fighting continues between government forces and al qaeda
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militants who have taken control of large parts of the country since december. and kabul has swept aside u.s. concerns freeing more than sixty prisoners from bagram prison in afghanistan the u.s. military had warned that they're likely to go back to fighting coalition forces release will again arrays tension between the afghan and u.s. governments ahead of it will draw all four of the u.s. of the international combat troops by the years and. worlds apart with oksana boyko coming out.
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transit route to vnukovo report your best way to the house of mosco. ten a group wants to erect a statue to the lord of darkness in oklahoma city which is the logical name capital of the whole of the sickness want to build the monument of a goat headed devil in or despite a monument to the ten commandments that was put up in two thousand and twelve yet they maybe should have put up of on to the ten commandments on public property but does that mean that satanists nazi's the other wackos have the right to put up their own twisted monuments well that is it depends on how you look at things technically it was to liberalism everyone's beliefs by law are equal even if ninety nine people are christian and they cannot impose on that one poor satanist which sounds nice but in reality that means that those ninety nine christians have to tolerate
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a monument to the infernal master and defiler of the innocent on their way to work every morning part of having a culture means having a group of people of common beliefs and values if you just include anything into the culture then you no longer have a culture all that remains are scattered individuals all i'm trying to say is that it's ok to abuse the devil guys but that my opinion. twenty four. in the exhilarating winter. he's now a make of it now and the rest of our lives take us to the sochi twenty four take. on.
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son of welcome to worlds apart valentine's day has long attracted controversy both because of its commercial nature and it's really just always but more recently it has also been placed at the center of the ongoing janda revolution how has our concept of john day changed over the past few decades and will it survive at all well to discuss that i'm now i'm joined by glenn wilson visiting professor of psychology at gresham college professor wilson thank you very much for your time now back in the seventy's people used to talk about the battle of the sexes but now it seems the concept of janitor is far more prominent and frankly far more confusing why do you think that is certainly the relationship between the sexes is strange and towards greater equality of sex roles and political rights interesting over the last hundred thousand years or so the fossil record suggests that men and women are becoming more alive because there is
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a convergence of the genders so it's quite possible that process will continue it's interesting i remember that henry kissinger once famously sad that no one will ever win the battle of the sexes because there is too much for it's amazing that the enemy but i wonder if that's what applied to the john there is as well because with the advancement of women social rights it seems like women are really winning across the board at least in western societies certainly women have going to great deal in terms of equalize i should have salary that process is not complete complete there used to be a feminist argue that men and women were virtually identical. to the skin that any differences between them were a result of the way they were brought up or the social pressures that were laid upon them i think we can pretty much dispense with that theory at the moment
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because science has proved beyond all doubt that there are very fundamental and important biological differences between men and women now you said earlier that. their records are archaeological records that show that the roles of man and women are becoming more equal over the last few decades probably even centuries but there is also an argument that could be made that this process of. social advancement of women is not really so much through equalizing their social roles but rather piling i dish and now social expectations on to women because if you look at even the most progressive western countries women are still carrying most of the burden in terms of household chores they're still doing much of the child rearing activity and that in addition to putting in the same hours at work as man so is it really.


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